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I'll wear the mask of Judas

I hope you see my face on your fucking death bed.

24 August 1986
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I like listening to metal, and hanging out with friends at shows. I play guitar,bass,and drums. I write poetry and surf when I get the chance. I'm 22 and I fucking rock face.
80's, 80s metal bands, a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, ac/dc, adventures, alice in chains, american psycho, animal rehabbing, animals in general, apple juice, aqua teen hunger force, art, as i lay dying, atreyu, bacon, bbq, black sabbath, black shirts, blood, body modification, books, bush, camping!, candles, cheese, children of bodom, chris pontius, cky, coffee shops, concerts, converse all-stars, crosses, darkest hour, dave matthews band, dimebag darell abbott, donnie darko, drawing, drinking, drunken nights, emo, every time i die, everytime i die, eyes, farmers market, fire, flannel shirts, flip-flops, food, friends, germany, good movies, green eyes, guitar, guns n roses, hangouts, hardcore, hatebreed, himsa, history, hopesfall, horse the band, house of 1000 corpses, incubus, iron maiden, kisses, koalas, laughing, laughs, laying pipe, led zeppelin, living in the south, local shows, love, metal, midgets, mma, moshpits, movies, music, new friends, norma jean, nsb, old friends, old underoath, painting, pandas, pantera, parties, partying, pearl jam, photography, piercings, playing music, playing with fire, poetry, pool hopping, porn, pride fc, primus, rage against the machine, rain, really fuckin good movies, religion, rock and roll, savannah, scars, sex, shows, shredding, skateboarding, skating, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, sound garden, starbucks, stone temple pilots, sunshine, surfing, sushi, swimming, switchblades, tattoos, the autumn offering, the beach, the crow, the dillinger escape plan, the ocean at night, theater, thrice, thunderstorms, tongue, tool, ufc, video games, walking in the rain, water, whiskey, wildlife rehabbing, windows-down/music-up, working out, working out., writing