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Working at a Hampton Inn doing night audit and the occassional day shift. Still have both car payments and looking for a job in law enforcement. P90X all the way mofo.

update: interviewing for a position at Oak Island PD tomorrow at 300 wish me luck.


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Graduated BLET in march. I've been working at a GE nuclear site doing security waiting to get sworn in at the sheriffs office. Got two cars now and trying to save money with the rising gas prices is fucking shitty. Channings going to school and doing awesome. I can't wait to move back to FL though this place is a huge drain on me mentally.

My new life

Starting my BLET (basic law enforcement training) classes October 27th, got a membership at a local gym, and eating a good diet now. I really like it here, Chan and I are doing really good. She works front desk at the gym I got the membership to. I got a job at the local golf course doing whatever they need me to do...good part-time work. I miss being able to pick up sushi and go for a walk on the beach but I'll get over it. So far so good. hope everything is going well for everyone else.

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Excited yet doubted. I'm looking foward to the change of pace but I'm worried that I won't be happy with the location. Either way, I'm going to be attending school to become a police officer and get involved with some conservation efforts and start training in some facet of martial arts. that's the extent of my plans so far. So, I say farewell to New Shitty Beach hopefully for the last time.
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Got a job being a maintenence man at some apartments in port orange. $10 an hour not too bad for cleaning out old apartments and picking up trash.
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there once was a day when that man walked away
and all the sadness he had fell to the back of his brain
and he thought no more of those long days before
because all he did now was watch the boats in the harbor
stick needles in his arm and wish for more time to suffer

the light turns to dark and the stars shine like sparklers
the tears in his eyes make him think he might care
but he knows nothings real, and if it is it doesn't matter
how sad is this truth of the man i call father

I felt like writing.
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*Time started: 11:10PM
*Name: Jon
*Nickname(s): Cock, Jon Cock, "Killer" Jon
*Single or Taken: Taken
*Sex: male
*Birthday: august 24th
*Sign: virgo
*Siblings: sister
*Hair color: dirty blonde
*Eye color: blue
*Shoe size: 10 1/2
*Height: 5'10
*What are you wearing right now: jeans, chiodos shirt, blacklisted hoodie, hurley hat

*Where do you live: Edgewater
*Righty or lefty: righty

*Who are your closest friends: Garth and Rick
*Do you have a bf/gf?: yes
*Best place to go for a date: Chases

~Fashion Stuff~
*Where is your fav place to shop?: thrift stores
*Do you have any tattoos or piercings?: 2 piercings, 4 tattoos

*Colors: Dark Green

*Numbers: 7
*Food: japanese
*Boys name: Tyler
*Girls name: Andelin
*Subject in school: History
*Animal: reptiles
*Drink: sweet tea
*Sport: soccer/rugby
*Veggie: tomatoes
*Fruit: bananas/blueberries
*Fast food place?: hardees/checkers

*Place to visit: New Zealand
*Month: August
*Juice: mango
*Finger: pinkie
*Ice Cream: vanilla
*Breakfast: eggs, bacon, tomatoe slices and toast. no butter
*Cologne: nautica
*Favorite cartoon character: Spongebob

Have You Ever
*Given anyone a bath: yes
*Bungee jumped:nope
*Broken the law: yes
*Made yourself throw-up: yes, got too drunk
*Gone skinny dipping: YES
*Been in the opposite sex's bathroom: YES
*Eaten a dog biscuit: yeah, stupid bet
*Put your tongue on a frozen pole: no
*Loved someone so much that it made you cry? yeah
*Broken a bone: yeah alot
*Played truth or dare: yeah
*Been in a physical fight: yes
*Been in a police car: yes
*Been on a plane: Yes
*Been in a sauna: Yes
*Been in a hot tub: Yes
*Swam in the ocean: Yes
*Fallen asleep in school: yes
*Broken someone's heart: yes
*Cried when someone died: yes
*Flashed someone: yes
*Lied: Yes
*Laughed so hard you fell off your chair: yes
*Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: Yes
*Saved e-mails: Yes
*Wished you were someone else: No
*Wished you were a member of the opposite sex: sometimes
*Been rejected? Yes
*Been in love? yeah
*Used someone: maybe
*Been cheated on? yeah
*Done something you regret? yeah everyone has

*Your good luck charm: my penis, i carry it everywhere
*Stupidest thing you have ever done: alot
*Your most prized possession: my music
*What is beside you? another computer
*Last thing you ate: salad
*Fave song: jeremy by pearl jam
*Worst Thing that has happened to you this year: alot
*Sore Throat: yes
*Cold: yes
*Bloody nose: yes

*Believe in love at first sight: YES
*Enjoy parks: yes
*Like picnics: Yeah
*Like school: sometimes
*What schools have you gone to?: Chisolmn Elementary, New smyrna beach middle school, New smyrna beach high school, Johnson High School, and DBCC

*Hate anyone: yeah

*Who is the last person that called you: garth
*Makes you laugh the most: Chan
*Makes you smile a lot: Chan
*Can make you feel better no matter what: My Stepmom
*Was the last person you touched?: Chan
*You talked to last: Garth
*You hugged?: Chan
*You yelled at: Garths brother Zadkiel

Do You/Are You
*Do you like yourself: yeah
*Color your hair?: yes
*Have piercings below the waist?: no
*Habla espanol?: no
*Stolen anything over $50: yeah
*Smoke: i have
*Obsessive: sometimes
*Anorexic: no
*Depressed: i have been
*Suicidal? use to be
*time finished: 11:23 PM


So, friday I'm moving into newport sounds with channing. I've got a job lined up but I can't start until they get the go ahead on some contracts. but it'll be pretty sweet a nice 8-5 job monday through friday. haven't had one of those in awhile. still looking to get some people together to start another band. Camping friday, supposed to be going to blue springs it should be fun I haven't been there in years.

I <3 Chan

<3 Jon
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help would be awesome

so I've been really happy lately. but during the day when my happiness is at school I don't have shit to do. does anyone know of any jobs that are open for full time, and vehicles that are for sale for cheap, or where I can buy a nice bike from???? It would be greatly appreciated if i could get some assistance thanks. Oh, and if your're feeling generous could you please re-post and let me know if you hear anything.

thanks <3 Jon
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